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An old story exists about an elderly man who was caught in the rising waters of a flood plain during a storm. He went out on his porch during the storm to see a small boat rowing by. The man in the boat said, "Please climb in and I will take you to safety!" The elderly man responded, "I will just stay here. The good Lord will take care of me!" 

After a while the water had risen to chest high. A second boat came by. This boat was larger and was filled with rescue personnel and others who had already been saved from the rising waters.  The rescue personnel pleaded with him to get in the boat but the man calmly responded with, "You go on ahead. The good Lord will take of me!"

A few minutes later the scene the roof. A rescue helicopter flying by found the man on the roof holding on to his chimney as the water continued to rise. They sent someone down a rope ladder to ask the elderly gentleman one final time, "Sir, please let us save you!" Once again the man responded, "You don't need to worry with all these fancy contraptions. The good Lord will take of me."

Insert Dramatic Pause....


One question that has come up from time to time as we have spoken with friends about updating the NGM online presence is "Why do you feel so strongly about having a strong online presence? Do you really feel it is that critical?" 

Before I give you our response I would hope we would all recognize the difficulty of the question. 

God does not require new technical tools to succeed

I am sure we all realize the truth of this. To go even further, God doesn't even need us. He chose to use us in his plan of redemption and for that we should be amazed, thankful and constrained to obedience! 

God does expect Christians to maximize the tools we have been given

We would consider it foolish to negate the use of a Greek lexicon to study the scripture. We would think it equally absurd to refute the use of a good gospel tract when God places someone in our path to share it with. Why would we look at the Internet and Social Media any differently? The truth is, we are very guilty of not utilizing many of the good tools we have been given. We do not have to become like the world to use them. Our job is to show the world how glorious the proper use of God's gifts can be. Whether it be:

  • His works of creation
  • The amazing gift of music
  • The works he has allowed man to create by His gifts of creativity and knowledge

Our job is to show the world the right and proper stewardship of all His good gifts!

Back to the story......

Well as you may have guessed, the scene shifts to heaven. As the man stood before the Lord he was of course overcome with praise and thanksgiving. Several millennia later once the man had gotten his wits about him he asked the Lord, "When that flood came, why didn't you save me?" 

The Lord responded gently, "You know Jim, I sent you two boats and a helicopter!" 

AuthorCorey Elinburg