Current Ministry Needs

In order to hold Youth Camp at NGM Camp Bethesda, certain facilities must be completed and constructed. We are thankful for the individuals, churches and other groups have provided a great deal of funding and construction assistance but we have more to do.

If you would like to help, please contact the ministry office at 706-743-5909 or Donations can also be made online using the button at the bottom of this page.

Residence Roof & Siding Front.jpg

Caretaker's Residence

This will be the home for our onsite staff. With the exception of the rock veneer around the front door and center window, the exterior is complete. Interior work such as electrical, insulation, sheetrock, finish carpentry and painting still needs to be completed.

Dormatory Plan.jpg


The two initial dormitories will house up to 60 campers each. The cost of construction, landscaping and furnishing each dorm is $60,000.

NGM GP Building for Web.jpg

Multipurpose Building

This building provides spaces for food preparation, dining, meeting and staff dormitories. Though mostly complete, the commercial kitchen and dorms still need to be completed and furnished. The estimated cost is $26,000.


Tractor with Mower and Loader

Maintaining our 38 acre property requires a tractor with a mower and front loader. Our previous tractor is no longer economically repairable and needs to be replaced. The estimated cost is $15,000.

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